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VERY slow, business-stopping printing from FM Pro 12v3

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Feb 25, 2013
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VERY slow, business-stopping printing from FM Pro 12v3


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker 12 v3

Operating system version

Windows 7 Pro, and XP Service Pack 3

Description of the issue

Print job of 200 to 300 simple letters from a database take hours to print in newest version of FM Pro 12.
The same job was done daily in FM 11 in ten minutes.  This is a very bad problem for a business using network printers that are now tied up half the day.
Ricoh C430DN Color Laser printer. Fast, efficient and purchased to use with Filemaker.
Several exact complaints are throughout the forum since last year.

Steps to reproduce the problem

(Did not use a script) Choose print for any medium size FM 12 (200 or more)found set in any database, from any client, on any OS.  We were printing letters.

Expected result

Expected result was the same as FM, efficient office quality color printing from any client in any database. Dialog box should open immediately, choose number of copies and print the found set.  Letters should and did zip off of the printer in rapid secession.  200 in about 10 minutes max.

Actual result

* Choose print.
* 8 to 9 seconds later the print dialog box appears if at all
* FM clearly struggles to send the job to the printer.  One by one. Record by record. This can take a very long time.
* FM is unusable from that client while waiting.
* Once the printer has the job, each record is printed as if a single job.  Takes hours. And hours.
Note: Even single documents, such as an invoice, take WAY too long.

Configuration information

All computers and OS systems are up to date with the appropriate latest service packs.  Even in XP.  Converted all files to 12.  All is well.  EXCEPT: Printing from FM 12 from any station, on any operating system, in any database, in any layout, all returns the same issue. SLOW SLOW printing.  Other software on the same machines prints perfectly.
Drivers up to date.
Viewing as Preview is fine.


None that is acceptable. The one I tried was 'Saving as a pdf' and then printing the pdf file. That is no way to run a business.  Seriously?  I have been a loyal FM user since the 9Os.  I HOPE this can be fixed.

By now, FM ought to have a lineup of printers that can work with this situation and work well.  What are they?