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    VIew is different on windows than Ipad or Macintosh



      VIew is different on windows than Ipad or Macintosh


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      Developing on a windows pc for a ipad app. It is a remotely hosted file.

      If I use a large text box with multiple lines or carriage returns in it a large discrepancy is created between the layouts on on PC and ipad.

      in order to develop I am looking at the ipad while I rearrange objects on the PC.

      In order to have the text "email" and the email field next to each other on the ipad I have to literally center the word "email" over the field on my Windows laptop.

      Similarly the arrow and home buttons at the top of the screen appear nicely on the ipad or on a mac laptop, but show large white cutouts around them on the windows view.

      All objects have the default locking to the top and left of the display. The area of the view is already sized to be slightly less than the portrait view on the ipad.

      Ipad is the only intended interface for this tool.

      I am using one of the Touch themes, and am using arial which is in the list of ipad approved fonts.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a multiline text box on a layout and try to arrange fields over it so they line up with some of the text.

      Look at it on a windows machine, and on filemaker go.


      The discrepancy is smallest closest to the top left corner of the text box.

      Screenshot description:

      I have attached the screenshot from the Ipad.
      Example file:

      The vertical line of numbers is one text box.

      On my PC I put the field boxes next to #s:  1,16,17,18,19,20,21
      On the Ipad view you can see that the field boxes are no longer next to those numbers, and the number 21 is even 90% cutoff.

      This is making it tough to develop needless to say. Phone support insists this is a development issue related to locking the auto-sizing feature, that does not seem correct to me.

      This issue occurs even when placing another single line text box next to a multi line text box, they no longer line up properly. This makes me suspect it has something to do with the spacing between the lines in the text box being interpreted differently by the different operating systems.

      Please let me know if you have any advice.

      My ticket # is 130816-000412 .


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               DId you make any line spacing specifications for the text box on the Inspector's appearance tab? If so, what did you specify? (That can help others replicate this.)

               Unless you have selected both top and bottom anchors, "this is a development issue related to locking the auto-sizing feature," would not be the case. IF top and bottom anchors are selected for the same object, a window size increase can "stretch" the object.

               There are differences between, Mac, Windows and iOS. I'm struggling with the same on my iPhone 4s, but what you show here is very extreme.

               When I threw together a quick test, using the default cool grey in Filemaker 12 on Windows 7 I got the attached image. If I then changed the theme to Cool Grey Touch, the text on the right no longer aligned, but the spacing and location of the fields did not change and the misalignment was less, the 11 aligned with field 10. But the diference in text could be more obvious on the iPad's larger screen.

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                 As I double checked my post, I see that I was a bit careless in how I set up the layout. This was an error on the PC. I accidentally specified line spacing that put the last number in the text box opposite the last field--not noticing that I had twelve fields and 11 numbers. So my description in the last post is fairly accurate, but the image is misleading.

                 Here's what I see on the WIndows system:

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                   Hi Thanks for the response!

                   I actually am a software support person, and I could not believe the attitude of phone filemaker support. They wont look at a file, tell you its definitely a bug although they are not looking at the file, and then try to fleece you, (ignoring that we just bough 5 licenses and server last month).  It was offensive.

                   I have not set any custom line spacing, it shows as 1 Height and 0s in all the other boxes. Your two views might look a little different, this looks grossly different!

                   I am uploading another demonstration image.

                   The vertical row of numbers is all one text box.  The large 21 on the lower left is one text box.  On the windows PC the bottom edge of BOTH text boxes are aligned with the bottom of the lowest field. You can see that there is little discrepancy in spacing when near the top of a text box, but the discrepancy seems to grow both verticaly and laterally as you move farther away from the top left corner fo the text box.

                   In the middle of the image you can see the words "is this."   On the windows screen this clearly and completely displays "is this updating."

                   So these are pretty major differences.  I suspect that they might all look fine on a mac laptop, and will find out when my co worker returns.

                   Thank you for taking the time to look at my issue, If there is not easy resoltion how or when will i know that it is considered a bug by FileMaker so that I can actually receive support? I cannot tell if you are a support person or a good samaritan but thanks!





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                     I had to make line spacing changes to get the text in the text object to space out anywhere close to proper alignment with the field objects. (And then screwed that up a bit)

                     I suggest uploading a screen shot of this layout from your windows machine for comparison purposes.

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                  Benjamin Fehr

                       I can confirm all the issues described:

                       - FMI don't deliver bugfixes

                       - FMI don't listen to developers complains

                       - layouts on PC look different than on iOS

                       I wouldn't know how to deal with that poor behaviour of FMI but I think I can deal with that grafic issues which we already reported months ago:

                       especially for Win OS, always use px to specify line height. Height specification 1,2 lines for example shows different/wrong result on Win, but not on Mac.

                       The only way to setup layouts for iOS is to have iOS-Device connected with FM Pro to monitor the results while in FM Pro doing adjustment in a try-and-error manner.

                       If you concidered to use same layout for both, PC AND iOS then you got screwed. This is never gonna work. Sad to say though frown