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Vital FileMaker Functions Suddenly Stop Working

Question asked by scott2si on Jul 5, 2012
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Vital FileMaker Functions Suddenly Stop Working


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Check out this latest bug… see first screenshot below. The inspector sometimes decide to simply NOT WORK AT ALL. When I select ANY field on ANY layout, the inspector doesn't give me the ability to choose the "control style". In this particular example, I'm trying to change a Date field to show a pop-up calendar. FM12's inspector fails to let me do that. (See 1st screenshot below.)

There is no script running. No Install OnTimer Script running. This is just a simple layout with simple fields and nothing out-of-the-ordinary happening. No custom menus installed. I'm logged in with full access. I'm able to move around the entire database, can switch from layout to layout, can save changes, can add/remove fields onto layouts… everything but access the "control style" in the Inspector.

The solution? Well, the solution WOULD BE to completely quit & relaunch FM12, but when the Inspector freezes, suddenly you can't quit out of FileMaker either! The "Quit" function is completely dimmed.  (See 2nd screenshot below.) There are no custom menus installed. There are no scripts running. This is a simple, bare bones, basic layout, with bare bones, basic fields. I'm logged in with full access. Crazy enough, I can go into all other parts of FileMaker: Manage Database, Manage Security, Manage Value Lists, Preferences, ScriptMaker, etc… I just can't QUIT out of FileMaker.

So now I have to FORCE QUIT out of FileMaker 12, which leaves the database in a potentially unstable state.

Thanks, FileMaker Inc.! :)