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WD hangs on opeing file

Question asked by Oliver_Reid on Jun 20, 2014
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WD hangs on opeing file


FileMaker Server


FMS 13

Operating system version

Windows 2012 r2 host, safari client, mavericks

Description of the issue

when entering a complete url to bypass the FM file chooser page, sometime get an FMS error message via browser and browser hangs

Steps to reproduce the problem

try reloading that url  the window at some point in the session, without closing out the existing session

or after simply exiting and immediately reloading

Expected result

New session, or continue existing session

Actual result

Get this error (see attachment) the only way out is to close the window.

Configuration information

Problem is intermittent. I suspect it occurs when one browser has multiple WD sessions with the same FM file, or one session is still closing on the host when the user asks for a new one.

(Can easily occur if user surfs elsewhere and then starts a new session from a bookmark)


So far the error has not occurred when using just

But the rest is needed to avoid the fleeting appearance of the toolbar   afaict