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Web clips created with AppMaker no longer work in iOS7

Question asked by Markus Schneider on Sep 25, 2013
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Web clips created with AppMaker no longer work in iOS7


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Operating system version


Description of the issue

Web clips created with AppMaker will no longer work as under ios6

you have to add iOS7 to the value list, after this, the newly transferred webclip will open a FMGo DB. But: If that DB is open, the webclip will 'hang' in Safari, a blank page will remain until one closes that blank page manually.
if the blank page was manually closed / or the FMGo app was closed, webclips will work again

Steps to reproduce the problem

Add iOS 7 to the value list in AppMaker
Create a profile
Transfer that profile to the ios device
Click the icon -> opens the DB
Switch to another app
Click the icon again -> dialog box appears, asking if opening the link in FMGo, but does nothing

Expected result

Guess what (-:

Actual result

Blank page in safari


Manually close the blank page or close the DB