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    Web publishing display issue



      Web publishing display issue


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      OSX & Windows

      Description of the issue

      One user is on Windows, when ever they access they access the FMI all the layout is wrong and nothing works (basically everything is left align). But everything works find with another user that's on a OS X platform.

      They are using Chrome 42 with Java 8 45.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open FMI in Google chrome
      Main page (Database selection) layout out of wack
      Still can enter a DB
      Once in a DB all layout are skewed and interface is unsuable

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          Performance is extremely slow also on Chrome 42; it takes several minutes to load the database. This on a machine inside the firewall where the server sits.

          Layouts all over the place also.

          Performance is far better on Mac Safari outside firewall.

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            Yann Poirier and Roger Pearson:

            Thank you for your posts.

            Yann Poirier - Have you since updated to Chrome 43?  If so, any changes?  Can you display a screen shot of a test record under both FileMaker Pro and Chrome?  I need to know exactly what is "out of whack".

            Roger Pearson - Have you since updated to Chrome 43?  Can you also post what "Layouts all over the place"?

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