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Web Publishing Engine

Question asked by RobertCenci on Jul 22, 2011
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Web Publishing Engine


FileMaker Server


Advanced Server 11

Operating system version

Windows 2008 Enterprise

Description of the issue

Attempts to start web publishing engine throw the following error: The Web Publishing Engine is not available. To configure, please start the Web Publishing Engine first.

-I have tried to manually start the WPE however this does not fix the issue.

-I have tried disabling and re-enabling WPE and this does not fix the issue

-I have run a repair on FileMaker Server from Add/Remove Programs and run into a corrupt install message.

-My next attempt will be to backup all the data, and VM, then remove FileMaker Server, rename the FileMaker Server Folder (C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server)then download FileMaker Server Advanced 11 from, enter the our license info, return dbs to Filemaker..

Is there any other way to address this issue?  If in the future WPE breaks again, is the fix to reinstall FileMaker Server?