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Web Publishing Engine Crashing

Question asked by woodstock_1 on May 4, 2013
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Web Publishing Engine Crashing


FileMaker Server


FileMaker Server Advanced 64-bit

Operating system version

Windows Server 2008r2 64-bit

Description of the issue

Have a FileMaker server with 70 FileMaker users and another 50 or so web (cwp/php) users (though usually less than 5 at one time).  Every couple weeks to a month FileMaker Web Publishing engine crashes and cannot restart unless I completely restart the entire server (have tried resetting IIS/then trying to turning on web publishing engine however that didn’t work).

What I've looked at:
-  Windows event viewer is not showing the crash or any errors at the time of the crash. There are no events going on at the time of the crash with FileMaker Server (or any other process)
-  IIS log is showing normal activity. There are only a few php users in the system, not 20+ like screenshot below.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Just normal FileMaker activity.

Expected result

Not crashing

Actual result


Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

After trying to startup Web publishing again: A dialog in the FileMaker Server Admin Console: "The Web Publishing Engine failed to start" (screenshot below)

Configuration information

Server Info: Dedicated (not virtual) Windows Server 2008r2 (IIS 7) 64 bit sp1, 32 GB Ram,  Raid 1+0 (and a separate set of drives for backups), Intel Xeon 2 processors
FileMaker Server Advanced 64 bit (yes am a couple behind, haven’t seen anything in release notes about fixes to cwp/php), Single Machine Deployment. IWP/XML publishing is turned Off. PHP Publishing is enabled.


Complete restart of server (not ideal)