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Web Publishing PHP search bug

Question asked by awpwebmaster on Oct 31, 2008
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Web Publishing PHP search bug

Description of the issue

I don't know if this is the place for this or not, but I did some searches and couldn't find a solution. In the built-in search functions for FileMaker 9 Web Publishing with PHP, there's a bug. Here's when it occurs:1. User uses the search engine and gets back multiple pages of results2. User clicks "last" to get the last page of results (or goes to any middle page of results, for that matter)3. User performs a new search that only matches a few records (not multiple pages)4. A screen saying there are 0 of 0 results found (instead of the few records that DO exist and SHOULD be displayed) This is because somewhere in the code it doesn't properly reset a variable that tells it which page of search results to display. That variable is still set to page 5 (or whatever) and for the new search, there is no page 5.  I am trying to go through the fmview.php code to see what the problem is (I suspect it might be in $statusLinks but I'm not sure. However this CAN'T be the first time anyone has noticed this bug in the code/functions FileMaker generates in Web Publishing. Is there a fix for this already? Thanks,Kate