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Web Publishing Question

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Jan 25, 2013
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Web Publishing Question


FileMaker Pro



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Windows 7

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We make and sell tiny pet microchips.  The national database in the USA has invited us to share our microchip numbers to help lost pets get home faster.  This requires that we set up a web based platform for which they have supplied criteria.  They will check this database for a match (registered owner)when a lost pet enters an animal shelter. In their words..." we don’t access your database directly but rather through a web service or a webpage dedicated to serving results to our server. We do our best to be as flexible as possible with regards to how you provide us your data."

My question is this.  WE USE FM TO RUN OUR BUSINESS. All of the microchip numbers and registered owners are in our FM Pro databases.  Would FM web publishing be able to accomplish what is required of us?  I am NOT the one who will be doing this setup.  If your answers are yes...I will hire an FM consultant. Thanks in advance.