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    Web publishing will not deploy



      Web publishing will not deploy


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version

      Windows Web Server 2008

      Description of the issue

      When reinstalling FMServer the deployment will not finish saying that no web server can be found and then ending with error message below

      The database server is working fine.

      FM Server lost touch with IIS and this was an attempt to repair that issue.

      IIS7 is running normally.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Repeated attempts to set up web publishing fail.

      Expected result

      Deployment of FM server with web publishing active. I have sales force that uses IWP.

      Actual result



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          Dave A:

          Thanks for posting.

          Is this a single or multiple machine configuration?

          If this is a single machine configuration, how many network cards do you have installed? Again, if you're using a single machine configuration, try disabling any and all network cards (even if it's just one), rebooting and attempting the deployment again.


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Tried your suggestion and darned if it didn't work.

            Thank you, thank you, thankyou. i was really beginning to get worried about this.

            My boss (the IT Manager) says this is pretty lame, though.