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    Web site : filemaker.com/help still pointing to 10



      Web site : filemaker.com/help still pointing to 10


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      I already reported this when FileMaker 11 was released, but that's a year ago already!
      http://www.fileMaker.com/help still displays version 10 help instead of 11.
      http://www.fileMaker.com/11help displays version 11 help, but
      http://www.fileMaker.com/10help returns an error.

      doesn't look really good.
      on the French site though,
      http://www.filemaker.fr/help redirects to the current version help files (11)
      http://www.filemaker.fr/11help displays version 11 help
      http://www.filemaker.fr/10help displays version 10.

      Giving access to previous versions is really an important feature I think.
      So for once, follow the French example ;-)