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    Web Viewer Borders



      Web Viewer Borders

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      How do you remove the embossed format around the web viewer?Or the very least who do you not print it.  I am pushing a barcode into the viewer andcannot print the borders. I have tried to overlay objects then group and lock, but it still comes to the front.The only thing I can think of is to paste it into a container. We should be able to control the borders of the webviewer. Tim 

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          In layout mode, select your viewer and then modify the line weight, color, pattern or Effect settings to change the border appearance. In FMP 10, you'll find these controls in the task bar at the top right corner of your screen.


          Edit note: Please ignore this post. I tested an empty web viewer and found that the border responds to the above settings. Once you have content in your viewer, you get a border that does not respond to those settings.

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            Hi Tim.


            You should be able to specify no border within the HTML code.

            <body style='border: 0; margin: 0'>

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              I'm going to call this a bug on the Windows version of FileMaker.  It ultimately has to do with the web kit that FM uses on each platform.  But FM's engineers should have programmed around it by automatically inserting code such as this when the line and effect of the web object are set to none.


              Meanwhile, the workaround for this Windows-only bug is to include the following code at the start of your html:

              "data:text/html, <BODY style=\"border:0; margin:0; padding:0; scrolling:no; background-color: #FFFFFF\">


              Of course, this means that you are now rendering your own html document rather than being able to simply include a link to another web page.  To reference that other link, you will have to include it as a frame or iframe within a document that starts with the above.  And if you want to reference an image, you'll have to use the html <IMG> tag.


              It's a painful bug workaround that just should not be necessary -- since the web viewer made its debut in 8.5? There also appears to be no mention in the help file of the inability to format the web viewer in Windows.

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                Thank you for your posts.


                This is a known issue that has already been reported by a few users.  One of the included workarounds was:


                <body style="border=0 overflow:hidden">


                As you have probably discovered, this only occurs on Windows.  No other information is available.


                I have attached this entire thread to the issue.

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                  are there any news with this issue?





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                    The only information available is that the problem had been previously reported and confirmed.  I attached this entire thread to the case for further reference.



                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                      This is a BIG problem for me as I spent many hours developing a database using a Mac and when I demonstrated this on a Windows machine it looked awful!


                      Can someone please tell me where I need to post this HTML in order to get the desired effect please, I am experienced in the use of HTML and CSS but I just can't find the document I need to edit.


                      Thanks for your help.



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                        This problem still happens with Filemaker 10, OS X 10.6, and Safari.    I tried various CSS attributes but nothing seems to get rid of the inset lines on the top and left sides of the web viewer.   Any news or solutions to this problem?

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                          Thank you for your post.

                          This border only appears on Windows.  On Mac OS X, you can change the border from 1 pt to None.  In Layout Mode, click once on the Web Viewer, and in the Formatting Bar, change the line width from 1 pt to None.

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                            Is this bug going to be fixed soon? The "workaround" is impossible if loading flash or other files without an HTML codeset around them.
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                              If you can spare some margin on your print-out, I just used filemaker layout objects (white boxes) to overlap the edges of the webviewer and hide the unwnated borders.