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Web Viewer content attribute returns the wrong page's HTML source

Question asked by judismith on Jun 9, 2012


Web Viewer content attribute returns the wrong page's HTML source


FileMaker Pro


12 Advanced

Operating system version

OS X 10.7.3

Description of the issue

When accessing the HTML source code on a GMail email page displayed in the Web Viewer, using GetLayoutObjectAttribute("wv" ; "content") the page source for the GMail inbox is returned.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set up web viewer to load GMail inbox on entry. Set up field to receive the HTML source code. Set up script for button to grab source code - SetField[TABLE::field; GetLayoutObjectAttribute("wv";"content")]. Set up button and bind previously mentioned script to the button

Enter Browse mode. Navigate to the control containing the web viewer.  Wait for the GMail inbox to load. Navigate to an individual email web page by clicking on the associated link. Wait for page to finish loading.

While email page (NOT INBOX) is displayed, click the previously setup button to capture Web Viewer "content". Examine HTML in field.

Expected result

HTML source code from the individual email page would be captured to TABLE::field.

Actual result

HTML source code from the GMail INBOX page is capture to TABLE::field.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages.

Configuration information

It appears that:
1) Rather than grabbing the HTML from the existing display in the web viewer, the GetLayoutObjectAttribute("wv";"content") actually takes the URL and goes back to the web to download the page source code.
2) When the web viewer goes out to the web, it seems that it may have an issue with some portion of the URL which breaks.
3) The resulting broken URL resolves to the GMail home page which is the source that is returned.


Haven't been able to find one yet. Very open to suggestions here. REALLY need this to work as expected.