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Web Viewer rendering issue With Safari 4

Question asked by on Jun 10, 2009
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Web Viewer rendering issue With Safari 4

Description of the issue

FileMaker Products Involved: FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v1FileMaker Pro Advancde 9.0v3 Operating System/Browser: Mac OS X 10.5.7 with Safari 4.0 (5530.17) Final release version of Safari 4 - does not the happen on the Safari 4 beta. Description:Web Viewer content rendering becomes distorted and artifacts can be seen. It appears this seems to happen as a result of an elements content overflowing (or being larger than the element's size). This problem becomes apparent when something (usually a JavaScript) changes the position or size of an element within the overflowing element, or that element itself.  Steps to reproduce issue: Install Safari 4 on your machine (If not already there).Create an empty database (or use any existing database).Add a web viewer object to any layout.Leave the web viewer address calculation as the default (Google Maps).Enter browse mode.Change the Google Map display to 'Satellite'Zoom in on a city - you should see the street name overlay sometimes doesn't render correctly after zooming. In order to get a better idea of how this problem affects solutions, I have put together a simple HTML file which should illustrate the issue more effectively than the Google Maps example.Change your web viewer address calculation to point to the following HTML file: Open this file in the Safari 4 web browser - It should work as expected there.Back in FileMaker browse mode, try dragging one of the blue boxes in the scrollable list - you should see the problem now.Additional InfoI'll be covering this problem in my workshop at Dev Con this year ('The Webviewer Unleashed' - WOR11). Would be great if you guys could resolve the issues for then.