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WebDirect 14 - Drop-down list: different behaviour from ver.13

Question asked by MaxBeck65 on Aug 19, 2015
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WebDirect 14 - Drop-down list: different behaviour from ver.13


FileMaker Server



Operating system version


Description of the issue

I have defined a text field that is shown as a drop-box list. This list is filled by using data from an FM Table.
The attribute "Auto-complete with value list" has been set for the FM PRO ADV clients: we know that this facility doesn't work via WebDirect.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Via web browser (we used chrome and firefox) we start to fill the field by inserting characters.

Expected result

Like in version 13, we expect that the drop-box automatically opens when the first character is inserted in the field and as characters are inserted the list shows only values that matches with characters inserted until this moment.

Actual result

If we start to insert characters in the field, the drop-box stay closed and the only way to watch the value list is to click on the arrow.
Moreover, if you click on the arrow the drop-box opens but the values that you can watch doesn't match the characters already inserted...

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No errors appear


To obtain the desired behaviour you have to click on the drop-box arrow and then start to insert characters: only by following this steps you have a list that matches with characters inserted.