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WebDirect does not render entire screen for a number of layouts

Question asked by DSKatSCL on May 21, 2014
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WebDirect does not render entire screen for a number of layouts


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Internet Explorer 9,10,11 on Win 7 , Server running on Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise

Description of the issue

Run a script to produce a summary report which normally works fine. This report has all the data on it. There 4 report layouts that use the data that is produced from this report.  After the report is run I try to move between layouts and sometimes the new layout renders properly, but most of the time if I move back and forth between these layouts WebDirect will stop rendering the layouts completely.  One of the report layouts contains detail data with a Body layout part and a Header, Sub summary, Grand Total Footer, and Footer parts, this one usually renders fine. The other 3 layouts Do Not have the Body part and are strictly summary reports. Header, Sub summary, Grand Total Footer, and Footer parts. two of these layouts are a subset of the data that is in the other 2 reports, fewer columns of data.  These are the layouts that will not render in WebDirect.  They render fine in FMP/FMPA all the time.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open the file in IE 10/11 or Chrome Click on a button to run a report.  Click on another button to move to another layout view of the report, or Click on a different button to begin with that produces on of the other layouts first and then move back and forth between layouts.  The buttons originally just switched layouts, but I have also tried to do this where it runs a script to regenerate the reports each time it moves between layouts.  I get the same results either way.

Expected result

That WebDirect would render all line of the report layouts

Actual result

It only renders the first 3-4 Sub Summary lines and not the Grand total lines.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No Error Messages

Configuration information

I have tried this in IE 9, which renders any graphics, i.e. lines on the layout, but no numbers.

I have tried it in IE 10/11 and Chrome 34 and get the same results of only rendering the first 3-4 lines of 8 sub summary lines, and neither of the 2 grand total lines.


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