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Webdirect Export Field Contents does not work.

Question asked by weetbicks on Feb 6, 2014
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Webdirect Export Field Contents does not work.


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

OS X 10.8.5

Description of the issue

Running Safari 6.1.1

Attempting to export a container field contents via webdirect using export field contents step. This is a supported step, however after specifying the file name, I get an error screen appearing.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.  PDF inside a container field
2 Run a script using export field contents script step
3. It prompts for the filename which I specify and hit OK
4. New tab opens with a webdirect error screen (see attached photo).

Expected result

If it is a supported step I expect this to open the PDF.

Actual result

Error screen.

Some background:
Webdirect not allowing printing has meant I have to run a Robot FMP client on the server which is setup to poll for new records in a print table.   The Webdirect client wishes to print something so they activate a process that creates a print record.  Server finds that record and carries out the action of producing the output, which it stores in a PDF on the print record.  Client meanwhile is polling for a finished result.  When it detects server has done the print,  it is attempting to export the container and open it.

NOTE :  While on the ETS program this worked great.  I believe Get(TemporaryPath) was supported in the ETS version of 13 so I was automatically exporting to the temp location and having the PDF automatically open which was awesome,  now in 13 release all the Get path functions are not compatible with webdirect.

So my next best was to not attempt to auto-export but just run export field contents and have user click "OK" on the dialog.   The dialog gives no path selection,  just asks what filename they want.  I assume that this action is done by exporting the PDF to some folder within webdirect (as suggested by the odd URL it fails on trying to open).

If exporting a field is not supported in webdirect then please make this clear otherwise I'm wasting my time.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See screenshot