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    Webdirect font styles not being applied



      Webdirect font styles not being applied


      FileMaker Server


      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      Having a text field that has the following calculated formula does not display properly in web direct. Works fine in client. Neither bold or text color is applied in web direct.

      TextStyleAdd ( TextColor ( "Character Info:¶" ; RGB ( 0;0;0 ) ) ; Bold+Underline+Italic ) &
      COLLECTION::CharacterVoiceSize_LT & ¶ &

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      see above

      Expected result

      Should show "Character Info" in black text with underlined bold italic style.

      Actual result

      No text formatting


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          As you may know, FileMaker WebDirect guide describe many unsupported FileMaker functions in WebDirect. In page #9 of this guide, you will find this paragraph  :

          • There are some things you can do in FileMaker Pro that you should avoid in your FileMaker WebDirect solution.
          Some features, like opening multiple windows, don’t translate well to the web. Other features, like rich text, simply don’t work. Consider designing a new solution specifically for
          FileMaker WebDirect, or extending the portions of your existing solution that make the most sense on the web. See “Step 2: Understand the capabilities of FileMaker WebDirect” on page 13.

          I realize that doesn't help you but i encourage you to read carefully this entire guide in order to avoid other bad surprises...