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Webdirect import not importing XLS; ok with CSV

Question asked by johncampbell on May 12, 2014
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Webdirect import not importing XLS; ok with CSV


FileMaker Server


13.0v1 x 64

Operating system version

windows 2012

Description of the issue

The app validates and reformats telephone numbers. To do this it allows users to import 3 columns of data:

Country, Phone, optional label (usually in ID from another system)

In a test we find that the an import from XLS  misses some data in the optional column (the rest of the row is imported ok).

If I try to import the same file at the filemaker Pro 13 end, it works ok. If I convert the file to .CSV, it works ok in webdirect. Neither of these workarounds is available to the users.

I've sent the database and files that work & don't work to:

Thanks for any advice.