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WebDirect Popover shows wrong record

Question asked by mikeryan on Mar 2, 2014
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WebDirect Popover shows wrong record


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Description of the issue

On Client #1 (WebDirect):
Starting from a list layout run a script to GTRR, Show only related records, Current record only.
Land on a layout showing a list of several related records. Show some fields for one of the records on a Popover. (I have a button in the list that loads detail fields.)

Now, on Client #2 (any type):
Make any change, by any means, on any layout to the record showing in the Popover on WebDirect Client #1.

Back to Client #1:
The record in the popover will update, showing data from the wrong record. It will be data from the last record of the found set.

Issue occurs only if Client #1 is a WebDirect client.

Initially, I thought this issue occurred only when Client #1 uses GTRR to get to the list. After attempting to workaround by scripting a Find and Go to Layout, discovered that the issue is not specific to the GTRR - it occurs in both cases.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Steps to reproduce are listed in description of the issue.

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Self explanatory. See description.

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Self explanatory. See description.

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