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WebDirect Portal Tab Key Behavior

Question asked by on Dec 13, 2013
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WebDirect Portal Tab Key Behavior


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows Server 2008

Description of the issue

After installing FileMaker Server 13 and deploying WebDirect, a previous application that worked with IWP will not work when using the tab key within a portal. Using different browsers on a mac or pc produces different results, but never works right.

Steps to reproduce the problem

For example, with Chrome on a PC, after entering something in the first field within a portal, tabbing to the next field in the tab order causes the row lose focus. There is no cursor and nothing can be typed.  Tabbing again causes the cursor to skip the next field and jumps to the second field down in the tab order.  The row again regains focus.  However, the problem reappears after typing and tabbing within any field with the portal.  Creating a completely new layout with FileMaker Pro 13 with minimal fields and a simple portal produces the same behavior.  Please not that everything works as expected within FileMaker Pro 13 when not using WebDirect.

Expected result

Using the tab key within a portal should follow the tab order and the row should not lose focus.


I have not been able to figure out a workaround yet and was forced to revert back to FileMaker Server 12.