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WebDirect Send Mail Using Mail Client Failures

Question asked by IanRienits on Jan 19, 2014
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WebDirect Send Mail Using Mail Client Failures


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

OSX Mavericks

Description of the issue

Using Send Mail Script step.

I collect addresses from a field across the found set into the BCC field.

Using FMS13 on OSX Mavericks Server, a client using FMPA 12 or FMPA13 on OSX Mavericks correctly compiles a list for Mail (I presume using a "," between each address).

When I run the same script via WebDirect to the same Server, using Safari 7.0.1 on OSX Mavericks, the Mail application is initiated but the email addresses list uses ";" (Semicolon, not Comma) as the delimiter - which Mail rejects. 

With WebDirect on a Windows 7 machine with Explorer.
This initiates Outlook, but places "&bcc={list of email addreses}" in cc field.

Steps to reproduce the problem

New Database just for the test.
One table, two fields (Name & Email)
One script triggered by a button (only one layout)
3 records with different email addresses

Uploaded to the Server
Tested on a Mac with FileMaker Pro
Tested by WebDirect on Mac (Safari 7)
Tested by WebDirect on Windows 7 (IE)

Expected result

Email client to start with a new message showing with the bcc filled in with the three addresses in a form suitable for the email client

Actual result

Email client is initiated in each case (Mail on Mac and Outlook on Windows 7)

FileMaker Pro on Mac - all works fine

Safari on Mac using WebDirect - a list of the three email addresses is placed in the bcc field but delimited with a semicolon, which is not accepted by Mail as a valid address list (it needs to be a comma).

IE on Windows 7 using webDirect - an entry is made in the >>>> cc <<<< field (not  the bcc field) with the following format:  &bcc={list of email addresses}
The list of addresses uses a semicolon as the delimiter.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages appear from FileMaker.  The mail clients object to the incorrect form to the addressing entries.


Even compelling my own list and placing it in the bcc field via Send Mail results in Oulook showing &bcc=(my list) in the cc field