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WebViewer in FMGo won't display css-text sufficient

Question asked by RainerSchaferkordt on May 5, 2013


WebViewer in FMGo won't display css-text sufficient


FileMaker Go


11 & 12

Operating system version


Description of the issue

When displaying a longer text in the webviewer with the 'readascss'-command, it is often impossible to scroll this text. 11 and 12 behave different in the following way:

FMGo11: if I start to scroll immediately after entering the layout, there is no problem. But when I wait a few seconds or stop to scroll for a few seconds, the reload sign occurs, and no scrolling is possible anymore. If I touch the text, it disappears completely.

FMGo12: Scrolling is not possible after entering the layout. After touching the text, the reload sign shows up, nothing more. After touching the text several times, sometimes, scrolling is possible.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Webviewer command:
"data:text/html," &
ReadAsCSS (Text)

Expected result

Text that can be scrolled

Actual result

text that can be scrolled only sometimes, and that disappears often

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear