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Webviewer printing on Windows 7

Question asked by JonJ on Jun 21, 2011


Webviewer printing on Windows 7


FileMaker Pro


11.0v3 adv

Operating system version

Windows 7 SP1

Description of the issue

I am using a webviewer to display some information within a layout.  When you print the layout the contents of the webviewer is rendered very poorly -- it looks like a very low-res jpeg.  If I print the layout to PDF, the text within the webviewer is not selectable, so I suspect that what is being printed is a jpeg preview of the webpage, and not the webpage itself. 

This is the case regardless of what content the webviewer is showing -- I've tried various webpages.

The same layout works perfectly on Macs (also FM11adv) and on Windows Machines running XP and Server 2003.  Furthermore, if I right-click on the webviewer in browse mode and select 'print' from the context-sensitive menu, it prints perfectly.

I believe that Filemaker renders the webpage using the operating system's underlying HTML rendering engine (i.e. the back-end of Safari on the Mac and iExplorer on Windows) regardless of what browsers are actually installed.  It might therefore be relevant that I think the issue started when I installed Internet Explorer 9 on my Windows 7 PC.  (I can't be sure, as it was a week or two before I notice the problem).

The attached photo shows a screen-grab of the original Filemaker layout on the left, a close-up of the result of printing the layout (top-right) and a close-up of the result of printing by right-clicking (bottom-right).

Steps to reproduce the problem

try to print from a web-viewer on Windows 7 with iExplorer 9.

Expected result

Webpage is printed normally

Actual result

A low-res preview-quality jpeg of the webpage is printed.