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Webviewer timeout on MacOS

Question asked by JonJ on Sep 10, 2013


Webviewer timeout on MacOS


FileMaker Pro


12.0v3 and 12.0v4

Operating system version

OSX 10.8.4

Description of the issue

I have a webviewer showing an HMTL form, to submit a text file to a web server for processing.
If the processing takes too long (>30seconds or so), the webviewer does not load the target page for the form. Rather, it stays at the initial page, and shows no sign that it has effectively timed-out and is no longer waiting for a response from the target web server.

The same webviewer operates as expected in all windows clients (I've tested Win7, Win8, FM12.0v3 and 12.0v4)—the form is submitted, no matter how large the text file, and the target page loads (with a 'thank you for uploading' message, etc.).

I've tried adding a flush() statement early in my php script in the hope that returning the header would at least keep the webviewer waiting, but no luck. Windows version continued to work as normal, but the Mac versions still hung.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Make a webviewer, display a form that involves an upload and some processing that would delay the return of the form's target page.

Expected result

Form submits, target page loads.

Actual result

Form submission appears to hang.  Activity on target server shows that submission has in fact completed successfully, the files is uploaded, and the target page returned.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

I've tried this on FMA 12.0.v3 and FMA 12.0.v4, on Mac and PC, on several different machines.  This definitely worked on earlier releases of FM12, as I built and tested it in one of my solutions.

I can provide an example text file and URL or request.


OK for clients on PC, otherwise use the less-elegant Open URL script step to open the user's default browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome)