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    Weird spacing and double merge entries in address labels



      Weird spacing and double merge entries in address labels


      FileMaker Pro



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      Description of the issue

      I created address labels, as specified in the Filemaker Pro handout. Some labels came out perfect, while others have odd spaces inbetween the street and city lines. There were also some addresses that had the same city entered twice in it. commas.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      My address layout I thought was precise, no spaces, not even commas, to make sure there was no weird formatting errors. What should I be doing to fix this?

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          First thing, I'd look for are the presence of a return character inside an address field. This is the simplest way you can get a space between fields. To check on this, find the record where you see this extra space on a layout where you can edit the address fields and click into the address fields. Check both the field above and the field below the space you see.

          In similar manner, check your records where you see the city name twice. I suspect that you'll find that an address field contains the city name in addition to the city name being entered into the city field. This may not be obvious until you click or tab into the field as a single line sized text field will only display the first line. If there are additional lines of text, clicking or tabbing into the field causes FileMaker to "pop out" the field and you'll see the rest of the data in the field.