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    When opening a new FileMaker database, the default ruler settings are 'cms'



      When opening a new FileMaker database, the default ruler settings are 'cms'


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.8.2 - set to UK settings

      Description of the issue

      When I make a new FileMaker Database, the default ruler is set to 'Cms' and not 'Pt'. I've not seen this reported elsewhere, so this may be connected to me being situated in London, UK.  But the smallest increment that I can move an item on a layout is governed by the ruler settings and as it is now, each new FM database defaults to Cms, which means I can only position items with the mouse to the nearest millimetre, which is a lot larger that a Point (roughly a ratio of 25 v 72).  Why is this?  If new users are having trouble designing layouts in FileMaker, then this may be the cause.  And it will take them a few hours to find where to change this setting (or to know that it exists at all).

      All new databases should default to Points and not Centimetres.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Open a new Database in FM 12.0v3 and enter layout mode. Open the inspector on the first tab and check the default ruler settings next to the size fields.  On my machine this is always 'cms', until I change it.

      Expected result

      So as to get the best resolution when designing a layout, this needs to be in Points, by default.

      Actual result

      Each new database is set to 'cms'. If I forget to change this while in single-user mode and then put the database on FM Server, each time I open the file it is set to 'cms'.

      Configuration information

      I suggested above that this might be connected with my system being set to UK and not US.  Even though I'm in Europe, I want to design my layouts by default in Points please!


      I have to remember to change this each time I start a new database, or if I have forgotten and already put the file on a server, then I have to change this setting each time I open the file to work on Layout design.