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    will not print out muliple pages



      will not print out muliple pages


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      I have a 7 page invoice. When I ask for a print out it prints 7 copies of page 1. It has done this from inception and we have reverted to FM 10

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               Hi Chris,

               When you printed, did you use a personalized button which perform a script, or only the standard FileMaker Print command ?

               If there was a script, was the [Perform without dialog] box checked in the related Print script action / step ?

               Did you consider that FileMaker always store print options, even it is no relevant ? For instance :

               If you printed one time 7 copies of the second page of your doc (see screenshot), these parameters will be restored the next time you will print, even your actual document have only one page. Result : None crying.

               So, it may be better to always show the print dialog and for the user to always validate this dialog with care.

               I hope it cans help you.