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Window alert on program start, asking for permission allow or deny

Question asked by RobertBowers on Jan 16, 2014
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Window alert on program start, asking for permission allow or deny


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro 11

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.8.5

Description of the issue

When FileMaker is started, after the splash screen disappears and the window loads, within the first several seconds of using the application, a window appears asking "Do you want the application '"FileMaker"' to accept incoming network connections?"  No matter which settings I choose, I am asked everytime the program launches.  I can select a setting in the Firewall pane to always allow, or always deny.  Regardless of the settings, the window continues to appear at launch, requiring making a choice of one or the other to get the notification window to close.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Boot machine, launch FileMaker Pro.  The window appears as described.  If FileMaker is quit and relaunched without rebooting the computer, the problem appears as well.

Expected result

Once a selection is made in Firewall settings, I would not expect this window to appear.  It has not repeatedly appeared in previous versions of FileMaker

Actual result

The window continues to appear on each launch, regardless of settings.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Do you want the application "FileMaker" to accept incoming connections?

Clicking Deny may limit the application's behavior.
This setting can be changed in the Firewall pane of
Security & Privacy preferences.

Configuration information

FileMaker Pro is set to allow incoming connections in Firewall preferences


Using FileMaker 11 requires clicking a choice to deny or allow each time the program is launched, or the notification window will remain on the screen.