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Window error on FilemakerGO

Question asked by on Aug 21, 2012


Window error on FilemakerGO


FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 12.0.4

Operating system version

iOS 5.1.1

Description of the issue

When working on the iPAD through a 3G network accessing a remote file. Regularly the windows do not load completely and you end up with half a screen. ( see window caption in attachment)
Closing filemaker and a relogin do not fix this issue. Neither a window refresh.
The "loading window" icon is not present as Filemaker considers the window as 100% loaded which it is clearly not.
There are no heavy graphics on the layout, only colours, fonts and a gradient.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Log in on a remote database through a 3G network on your iPAD

Expected result

NOrmal screen loading and correct workflow

Actual result

Half a screen, as if the window falls partly out of the iPAD boundaries

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

no error message


Double click on home button iPAD and "remove/close" open application Filemaker GO.
Will help initially so the next time you login, the screen is ok. But at any time the windows are yet again not completely on screen.