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WIndow Move/Resize still a problem in FM12

Question asked by FMStuart on Apr 20, 2012
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WIndow Move/Resize still a problem in FM12


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Description of the issue

With dual monitors, Move/Resize Window limits setting height of window to the height of the Main Screen. This is a pain when the height of the Secondary Screen exceeds that of the Main Screen (such as when using a hi res projector with a laptop). This problem was reported with FM11. Still not fixed in FM12. C'mon guys, you have had years to fix this!

I have not checked this with Windows, but believe the problem exists there, too.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Set up dual monitors with the screen size of the Main Screen less than that of the Secondary Screen. Open a window on the Secondary Screen. Use Move/Resize Window with window height set to that of the Secondary Screen.

Expected result

Window height should increase to fill the entire Secondary Screen.

Actual result

Window height limited to height of Main Screen.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

See above - Main Screen (one with menu bar) height must be less than that of Secondary Screen.