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Window position out of Monitor

Question asked by Markus Schneider on May 10, 2012
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Window position out of Monitor


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.7.x

Description of the issue

on a two-monitor setup, a FileMaker window will slip out of the second monitor, becomes unusable by normal users

Steps to reproduce the problem

2-monitors, FileMaker will position a window at position/size of the latest opened file/window. Every now&then, a window is out of the 2. monitor, no way to move or resize it, when the title is over the monitor...

Happened here right now when opened thje seedcode sql-demo...

(an old error, was under V11 as well)

Expected result

not outside of a monitor

Actual result



create a script that moves the window to 0,0 (if one has access to the scripts)