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Window resizes when running FMP11 in Terminal Services

Question asked by Streamtime_1 on Mar 11, 2011
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Window resizes when running FMP11 in Terminal Services


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows Server 2003

Description of the issue

When opening an additional layout in a new window (Go to Related Record...Using Layout:...) when client is running in Terminal Services, the original layout size is resized automatically - reduced significantly.

Once the user returns to the main window, they need to manually re-size it to it's original state. This happens consistently when a new window is created.

Has anyone seen/experienced this before?

Steps to reproduce the problem

In our database, selecting a button which produces a new window eg to print, the original window is resized.

Expected result

For the original window size to remain unchanged.

Actual result

Original window is resized - significantly reduced.


none so far, user has to manually re-size the window.