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Window Width Bug with Left Dock

Question asked by sq on Feb 23, 2012
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Window Width Bug with Left Dock


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

Move/Resize Window to the Left and Adjust Window [Maximize] do not work properly if window gets close to right side.

if the screen width is 1920 then Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) shows 1920 and
Get ( ScreenWidth ) shows 1920 (shouldn't one be minus the dock?)

if you use Adjust Window [Maximize], the window is sized at 1920 and pushed to the right out of the window by the size of the dock.

let's say you have a 500 width window and you want it do be all the way to the right,
so 1920 - 500 = 1420.
Move/Resize Window Left : 1420.
but the window is moved to 1462 about the size of the dock.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Make the Dock to the Left and shown.

2. Run a script with Adjust Window [Maximize], the window pushed to the right out of the window by the size of the dock.

3 make a new window with a width of 500, then subtract 500 from your window width.
ie 1920 - 500 = 1420.
Move/Resize Window Left : ie 1420. (see the window is off screen)
4. use a tool like PixelStick to measure the distance from left screen edge to window

Expected result

Adjust Window [Maximize] should make the width of the window the screen width minus the dock size.

Move/Resize Window Left : 1420 should move the window to 1420.
if Move/Resize Window Left is 0 (or an value that covers the dock) the window should move to the Left by the dock size)

you should be able to use a Get ( ) for the useable window area.

Actual result

Filemaker 11 is using the full 1920, but pushed over by the Left Dock position and moving windows off screen by that amount.  Filemaker 11 thinks that 40+ (dock size) x 1080 on the right that is off screen is useable.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



was trying to use Adjust Window [Maximize] to get the window size so I would know the size of the dock (screen - window), but that did not work since the window is mistakenly set at full screen width.