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Windows 7 64 bit use of FMP - can't register or fully open program

Question asked by disabled_toddlanden on Sep 30, 2012


Windows 7 64 bit use of FMP - can't register or fully open program


FileMaker Pro


FMP 11 and 12 - all versions

Operating system version

Windows 7 64 bit

Description of the issue

When opening the program (our solution as a runtime), or FileMaker Pro, a dialog says that the field is not modifiable, or the action cannot be performed when opening for the first time in Windows 7, 64 bit computer.

The solution is to right-click on the runtime's executable file, go to Properties, Compatibility Tab, and check the Run This Program as Windows XP (service pack 3) checkbox.

If multi-user solution, or just FileMaker alone, you need to also perform the above steps on the FileMaker executable which in turn allows the user to open our solution.

Question can we avoid this step?  When customers download a trial version of the runtime, they cannot open the program, unless they follow these special one-time instructions (which puts their evaluation or odds of even continuing to trial the software in jeopardy).

Would appreciate advice and feedback - how is this being handled in FileMaker community? 

Clearly, we would like to have a setting when creating the runtime, that would eliminate this need.  ...Once a customer purchases the program and we send them FileMaker licenses it is not so bad to give them a set of instructions for one-time settings for Win 7, 64 bit but evaluating a runtime trial of our solution is causing lots of extra tech support and lost customer interest.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Intall FMP 11 or 12 runtime on Windows 7, 64 bit computer - cannot register the program or modify the field where you need to register the program with a demo code for example.

Or try to open FMP 11 on the same PC - it cannot be done without right-clicking on the executable file, and going to Properties, and clicking the checkbox to Run This Program in XP Mode(Service Pack 3).