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Windows 7 display problems

Question asked by ThomasGannett on May 1, 2014
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Windows 7 display problems


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Windows 7

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It may be I'm the only one who has encountered this problem, but when I upgraded to FileMaker Pro 13 on Windows 7 I encountered a number of display problems. The most obvious problem was that all layouts were displayed larger and no longer fit on the screen. A more subtle problem was that, when modifying a text field containing more than a few characters of text, the text cursor would display somewhere other than at the actual insertion point (sometimes it would simply not display at all).

Since there was not a lot of Web chatter about others experiencing the same problems, I eventually arrived at the conclusion that my problems were related to local settings on my machine. So I experimented with different settings.

It turns out changing the Windows display setting to "smaller" (100%) appears to fix all the FileMaker display problems. My laptop display had been set at "medium" (125% )--I don't actually remember setting it there, but the "medium" setting significantly improves the visibility of a great many things.

So now all I need to do is resize several dozen FileMaker layouts back to their original dimensions. That shouldn't take more than a few hours. Then I need to use reading glasses to see everything else on the screen.

I'm sure I'm missing something--some mode that can be enabled or disabled in FileMaker Pro 13 to get it to work correctly in the various Windows 7 display magnifications. But the facts as I see them are 1) somewhere between version 11 and version 13 FileMaker changed something so that display-magnification setting in Windows 7 were no longer handled correctly; 2) I had to spend more than a few minutes trying to figure out what was causing the problem; and 3) as far as I can see, I have to screw up the display of every other application I use simply to be able to use FileMaker Pro 13.