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Windows Refresh Window[] flicker

Question asked by fxdb on Jul 29, 2010
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Windows Refresh Window[] flicker


FileMaker Pro


11 v2

Operating system version


Description of the issue

Although this issue has been present on windows for quite some time, I now consider it to be something which was 'missed' perhaps when fixing all the flashing in FM11, therefore I now consider it a bug.

On Windows when you use the Refresh Window[] script step the entire screen re-draws and shows visible flicker

Some may think this is normal due to the name of the step, however this does not happen on the mac platform.

Steps to reproduce the problem

A sample file layout_refresh_test.fp7 can  be downloaded here:

This shows the flicker and the work around below.
No point viewing it on a mac, this affects windows only.

Expected result

No visible flicker

Actual result

Visible Flicker

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



A little experimentation of the freeze window step could help to reduce the number of flicker inducing refresh window[] steps needed, of course they are still needed when choosing to flush cached results.

I have two examples of where refresh window[] has been replaced with freeze window[] steps and in both cases prevents the flicker and the screen is updated as required.

The above sample shows one of these examples, with conditional formatting and a layout merge variable being updated.