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    Windows resizing in Windows



      Windows resizing in Windows


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows XP, Vista, Win 7

      Description of the issue

      Loss of window maximisation on changing screen or returning to a window after closing another window.
      I get the two blue window headers ie one for the application and one for the file.
      I have to suffix every navigation script with the "maximise window' step.
      If a new window is popped up ie a small scripted find screen, the application remember the size and changes the /default' size to that smaller window.
      This has been an issue on FileMaker for Windows since the very first day.
      I have been writing FM databases  since 1990 and this drives me up the wall.
      If I keep asking will it get more attention?

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Maximise a screen, then pop up a new smaller window and then close it again, the original window behind has shrunk, obscuring screen elements

      Expected result

      I want my original window to stay maximised

      Actual result

      the windows loses maximisation and show the two window headers ie one for app, one for the document.
      On Mac OS X, this has never been a problem

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


      Configuration information

      All windows all the time


      add maximise screen to every navigation step

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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.

          This is the intended behavior of Windows, and I'm well aware this is different than Mac OS.  I would encourage you to enter this information into our Feature Requests web form at:


          These web entry suggestions are read by our Development and Product Management departments where they are then discussed and considered for a future release.  Although I could copy your post and paste it into the web form, there are some additional questions asked that only you can answer.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            This is the intended behavior of Windows...

            That's never made sense to me. The uncontrolled nature of the resize leave developers with the need to add extra window manipulation steps not needed in Mac or you have to insit on using non-maximized windows which have always looked awkward and unprofessional to me.

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              This "intended behaviour" makes no sense at all.

              TSGal , I realise there is a company line to be followed and so I shall post this to the feature suggestions again. Thanks!

              I encourage anyone reading this to follow the link above if you feel the same !

              I publish several shrink wrap packages This is probably my biggest headache, every navigational step has to be suffixed with a zoom window, as said above it just doesn't look professional!

              I can't believe this is in the "too hard basket" for the engineers, it's been there for twenty years !!!

              Thanks TSGal, Happy new year!