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Windows settings of 125% Cause Problems for FMP v13 Users

Question asked by AlannaClare on Nov 12, 2014
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Windows settings of 125% Cause Problems for FMP v13 Users


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7, 8

Description of the issue

Known bug. My boss says he was told at Devcon to post a new bug report even for known bugs, in order to register your ‘vote’ for things that are causing problems, so here is ours.

In this instance, we upgraded a number of users to v13, and a small percentage immediately notified us that scrolling, cursor placement, font size, window size and placement, etc. were off. Each of the individuals reporting the issue had default settings of 125% in their displays, which is apparently the new default for Windows 7 & 8 with HiDPI.

We had them set it back to 100%, but now the other applications they must work with all have tiny font sizes and cause eye strain. Changing the screen resolution does not help; it just makes things fuzzy, they say.

This is a known and acknowledged bug, but it is still causing pain for both users and developers.


Workarounds: change settings to 100%; however, this causes other issues.