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Windows XP and FMPAdv 9.0v3 - Window menu doesn't show all "windows"

Question asked by allotrope on Feb 13, 2009
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Windows XP and FMPAdv 9.0v3 - Window menu doesn't show all "windows"

Description of the issue

This is a bug which make development in 9 extremely frustrating in Windows. When I click on the Window menu, the listed items should display all non hidden "windows" by name. Sadly this isn't what I see. After a while, some windows are no longer visible (they don't appear in the "Show Window" menu option either. Using a script I can make the missing window visible again but often it will make a different window disappear and I have to use another script to make it visible however it makes the original window disappear again. To the point where only 2 or 3 window names appear as options when 5 should be showing. I don't use the hide window command at all in any of my scripts and very few of the scripts actually closes a window. This has been observed on several computers by different programmers in my office. It isn't reproducible every time but it usually shows itself during the course of a day's work. This has never been observed on OSX. We don't know if happens with FMP 9 (not advanced) since we only code with FMPA. Also we rarely work on local files, they're usually hosted on FMS or FMSA (9.0v3.326) FMPA 9.0v3 on XP sp 2 (can't use sp 3 since it breaks SSO - a known issue by FMI ). Note that I rarely have more than 1 window open per file (ie 5 files = 5 windows) I've noticed that if the workstation gets locked out due to inactivity, the issue is exacerbated.