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    Windows XP screen flash bug or something else?



      Windows XP screen flash bug or something else?

      Description of the issue

      FMP 10v3 database hosted via FMP 10v3 on Windows XP, SP3 system. I have a simple list view layout. No calculation fields are present on the layout. A single a summary field is located in a trailing grand summary that returns a count of the number of records in the current found set. (Yeah, I could have used Get (foundcount) but didn't for some reason when I set this up years ago.) There is no conditional formatting on any objects in the layout. There was a tool tip with a simple calculated text expression. I've temporarily removed it and will report back if that makes any difference. This layout is part of a file that is shared over the LAN, but one and only one user (the boss) has access to this particular layout and the single table that it references. What we are observing is that the hourglass icon pops up frequently with an interval of approx 2 to 10 or more seconds as though Filemaker is refreshing the screen even though no changes are being made to the current table. There are other windows to other files/layouts/tables behind the current window. Some of these windows reference tables/files with frequent updates by about 3 to 8 other users over the LAN. The only other application open at the time I observed this, was a copy of AOL in the background. The user, my boss, is attempting to simply click a check box field in different items in this list to document that he has finished working with that item. The hourglass, which briefly keeps a mouse click from modifying the check boxes, makes this task highly irritating to do. Questions:Is this an example of the dreaded "Windows Flashing layout" bug? (see http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=aut&thread.id=4729)Could the hourglass we are observing be due to Filemaker attempting to update the background windows?Would Hosting this file from Filemaker Server improve things? (That's were it should be hosted, but I haven't yet convinced the boss to let me try this yet.)

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          No, this is different from the Windows flashing layout bug.  You could try changing the summary field to a calc of get(foundcount), which will likely speed up the initial screen draw (especially on a large record set) but will likely not help the flashing issue.


          My initial guess was that other users are updating other records in the table that are then triggering the summary field to update, but you don't seem to think that is what's happening.  So my more likely guess is that your flashing is from the background windows trying to update their own summary or calc fields -- especially problematic, I've found, when one of those background windows is in list view.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. The number of records listed is quite modest (< 20) on the other hand, I don't really see any purpose to this field so if my current adjustments don't fix this, I'll see if I can't convince the boss he doesn't really need this field anyway. I'm quite sure no one else is updating records in this table. It's a "boss only" table that no one else has access to. None of the other windows had a list view layout up, so that doesn't seem to be a factor.


            I wonder if hiding the other filemaker windows might affect this...

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              Anyone know if Hiding the windows instead of leaving them open in the background might work? 


              So far, I'm moving forward with the hypothesis that the delays and twitches are being caused by Filemaker attempting to update all open windows. This seems consistent with the behavior I'm observing, but am still watching and adjusting things to see if it makes a difference.


              The users use scripts to switch from file to file anyway, so I'm adding code to these scripts that switch the file being left to a blank screen with an empty found set and watching to see what happens. Hiding each such window would be simpler.

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                Phil, I'm sure you've thought of this possibility but do you have sort on?  Starting with vs. 10, as you know, sorts now can slow things and I believe summary fields need to be sorted (so does checking the checkbox change the sort)?  I might also suspect recalculation of multiple table occurrences but you said this is a single table (and occurrence?) so I doubt that could be contributing.


                These are wild guesses but I thought I'd mention them just in case (and it is a boring Saturday afternoon). :womanvery-happy:

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                  PhilModJunk (et al):


                  Thank you for your posts, and I apologize for the late reply.


                  When a FileMaker file is shared, any changes to the file must be sent to all the clients.  If any fields on the active client layout(s) are affected by the change, then they must be updated.  As "howards" said, "esepcially problematic, I've found, when one of those background windows is in list view".  Therefore, you should see some speed improvements if the fields were minimized in those open windows, but the data still needs to be updated.



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