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    Won't print/PDF "first page" of records



      Won't print/PDF "first page" of records


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS 10.7.5

      Description of the issue

      Working with FMP 13v3 on Mac OS 10.7.5.  Since the latest update I've noticed there is a problem creating a PDF or printing an FMP doc.  Specifically in a list-type layout.  When I attempt to create a PDF and/or view a PDF in Mac's Preview, it gives me the document, however, the document does not begin with the first record.  Instead, it skips all the records that would essentially be on the first page, and page 1 of the PDF begins with the record that would should actually begin page 2.  In my case, it skips the first 20 or so records.  And none of those records that "should be on page 1" are anywhere to be found on the PDF.  Very bizarre.  And, when I attempt to select the very first record and print just Current Record, in creates a PDF that is blank.  ??!!!

      This problem does not occur on all FMP files.  Only this particular one I'm trying to print.  It's a listing of accounts and passwords.  My Address Book prints fine in list view, as does a list of invoices.  Only the account/password document has a problem.  What am I doing wrong?  It worked completely fine in previous versions of FMP, and I've done nothing in the layout differently.  I've even taken out the Title Header that was in it.  Still no dice.  Suggestions?

      There is nothing seemingly bizarre in my document - links, macros, images, whatever.  It's just text.

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               Since the issue appears specific to a particular file, recover the file and test the recovered copy to see if the recovered copy shows the same behavior or not.

               Also, make sure that you haven't inadvertently specified a page range when saving as PDF that omits the first page.

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                 (Sigh.)  That's exactly what happened.  Being a word processor (though we don't use FMP at work), I have things I take for granted - like, if you change printing preferences when printing a doc, it will either keep those preferences the next time you print a similar doc (i.e. a doc in Adobe or Word) or, if you quit out of the app, the preferences will revert back to the preferences of the particular printer.  Well, for some reason, FMP doesn't seem to work the same way.  It has printer preferences that seem to stay even after you quit the app.  Apparently, my preference was switched to Even Pages Only.  Must've switched it to that way back in the past for some reason (I don't print/PDF from FMP all that often).  Plus, unlike Word and Adobe, when you hit Print in FMP, a pop-up window shows it processing all the records in the file with a processing bar and a counting of all the records, which sort of gives the appearance it's actually printing all the files.  Word and Adobe, conversely, only show a processing bar and a count of the pages that it's actually printing.  I guess I was used to seeing that, so my brain was thinking it was the same way, so when I didn't have page 1, my brain fritzed.  And I was so concentrated on not seeing page 1, I didn't even notice I only had half the records and that they were the even pages.  (Sigh.)  I must need more sleep.  Sorry for bothering you all.  Feel like a dolt.  I'm a word processor, I've read one of those big, thick FMP manuals, my understanding of these apps is much higher than the average bear.   But the answer I overlooked was small and basic.  Ugh.  Thanks so much for the response.