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Workaround - Mac PDF/eMail bug

Question asked by Bay-WavelandScripter on Apr 19, 2010


Workaround - Mac PDF/eMail bug

Description of the issue

In FM11, as with earlier versions, it was not possible to create and send a PDF file as an eMail on the Mac. Problem: when FM creates a PDF, it is not a PDF. It is a random filetype. The error is hidden on the Mac because it will open from the desktop as a PDF. You can take the PDF and drop it in an email and it works. However, FM cannot attach the PDF. Solution/Workaround: even tho the file generally behaves as a PDF, it is not. It is a random file type which only works on the Mac that created it. If your force the "Save records as PDF" script step to use a name that contains ".pdf" the problem goes away. It makes you  wonder why a script step named "Save records as PDF" does not save a PDF file. Perhaps it should be renamed "Save records as some type of file".