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WPE crashes with Custom Dialog Box, commit record

Question asked by clmiller24 on Jan 17, 2015
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WPE crashes with Custom Dialog Box, commit record


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Description of the issue

FileMaker Support, have a crashing file with our host and I am 99% sure I have tracked the crash down to Custom Dialog Box with field entry into open record.  Host is running FileMaker 13.0v3 with plenty of ram.  There was only one person connected tonight via Web Direct (no other connections at time of crash). 

The script runs as follows (basic steps, not detail):

Creates new record
Inserts calculated results into the record
Commits record
Opens Custom Dialog Box
User enters in data and clicks OK (Commit data selected in script)
Data is suppose to be saved into the open record
Commits record (again, redundant, but making sure it get's committed)

I verified all scripts steps are Web Direct Compatible.  I received a call from a  trusted user tonight who was the only one on the file and could tell me exactly what they were doing.  Server was reset and I was able to replicate the issue. 

When he clicked okay in the custom dialog box, it closed, and it looked like the data was committed.  He hit add new participant, and WPE crashed.  I looked at the record he was on, it never committed the data form the custom dialog box.


Steps to reproduce the problem

When I replicated, I clicked OK, and dialog closed.  Looked like data was committed, I hit new record script twice in a row, acting as an impatient user.  It committed the record, started the script again, started a new record, but WPE crashed before the custom dialog box appeared.

Expected result

Custom dialog box appears so I can enter in new participant.

Actual result

WPE crashed

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Communication Problem.
Take note of any unsaved data.  Then close the web browser window and contact the FileMaker Server administrator.


I have to be "slow".  If I hit the OK button the dialog box and "wait" till I hit the new participant script again, it runs fine.  But you have no way to know if the record committed in Web Direct.

I just disabled the custom dialog box of the script that causes the crash, waiting for host to restart WPE.

Please note, THIS IS RANDOM.  It happens sometime, and not at all others.  Like we ran the server for no problem for over 48 hours, added over 200 records and multiple connections at a time.  Tonight, one person connected to the who server, and CRASH.  The other day, the issue happened three times in one day yet less than 100 records was added. It also happens at random times.  It never happens to the same user.  It was dumb luck that a trusted user was using it late at night and called me ASAP that he could tell me exactly what he was doing, our host restarted the server and I was able to replicate the issue right away. 

I have screen shots and can send a file with actual data so you can replicate.