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WPE not available - Error encountered communicating with server

Question asked by barrybuzz on Jun 8, 2010
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WPE not available - Error encountered communicating with server

Description of the issue

Please consider this a high-priority ticket, as we are unable to do any CWP with this server until the issue is resolved. FileMaker Product(s) involved:  FMSA System(s) involved: Windows Server 2003 SP2, Java 6.7 (Admin Console running on clients WXP, OSX10.4, OSX10.5), IIS 6 Detailed description of the issue:  WPE has a red dot in Admin Console; Under Server Status Info is the message An error was encountered communicating with the server.  Clicking on Web Publishing in the Admin Console sidebar results in the folloiwing dialog box message:  The Web Publishing Engine is not available. To configure web publishing, please start the WPE first. Exact steps to reproduce the issue: Unknown Expected Result: WPE should be runningActual Result: WPE is not running, and cannot be startedExact text of any error message(s) that appeared: See aboveAny additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue: There is no firewall running on the server. The workstation's firewall was disabled to determine if port problems were the issue, but this did not resolve the problem. Note that IWP DOES work fine, even though CWP does not.Any workarounds that you have found: None so far