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    Wrong German Localisation of "Activity"



      Wrong German Localisation of "Activity"


      FileMaker Server



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.8.5

      Description of the issue

      In the German version of the admin console the "Activitiy" tab is named "Tätigkeit" which, although a valid translation, has a completely different meaning, rather "occupation". The correct term would be "Aktivität"


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          Markus Schneider

               Yes.. there are other, terrible mistakes.

               Example? The manual, under 'Aus url einfuegen' lists url-types. The 'file'-url is t-r-a-n-s-l-a-t-e-d into german - but there is NO 'Datei'-url...

               I'm afraid that someone uses google as a translator...

               btw: Apple does the same, the 'Back'-button is named 'Hinten' on some of the OSX Server app's

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                 Thank you for your post.

                 I have sent the information to the manager of our Documentation.

                 markus schneider:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 I do not speak German, so it would help if you could provide the correct translation rather than just the incorrect translation.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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              Markus Schneider

                   ouch... there is NO translation for an url - url is url (-:

                   (the 'file' - url was translated into the german word for 'file', 'Datei' - but there is no url 'Datei://...')

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                Markus Schneider

                     to be more clear: 'file' remains 'file' - in german as well

                     One, maybe two years ago, there was another thread here for entering wrong translations - but that thread got lost over the years.. The problem with 'file' exists for some versions of FileMaker Pro