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    Wrong graph drawing



      Wrong graph drawing


      FileMaker Pro


      Filemaker 12

      Operating system version

      Windows XP/7 - it doesn't matter

      Description of the issue

      If I have too many items in graph (x/y-axis), graph becomes unreadable.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Graph 100+ records and set smaller width, so the records are overlapping in graph x-axis.

      Expected result

      Graph automatically scales its axis according to control size (like in Excel)

      Actual result

      Graph axis is unreadable.


      limit displayed number of records manually


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               Instead of limiting the records, you can also limit the values returned for the X-axis to only every nth value by specifying the appropriate calculation such as:

               If ( Mod ( Get ( RecordNumber ) ; 5 ) = 0 ; X-Axis value goes here )

               That would only display a value with every 5th record and you can simply change the number to get a different interval. This could even be computed in a way that adjusts for the total number of records in your found set.

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                 Thanks Phil,  I have modified calculation to related records count and it did the work.

                 If ( Mod ( ProductsStockHistory::ID ; 5 ) = 0; ProductsStockHistory::Datum;"")

                 It is not easy to do dynamic calculation according to graph control width (due to anchors), so I have send feature request to Filemaker.
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                   If you ever delete records from ProductsStockHistory, your method will have a problem due to the missing record. That's one of the reasons that I used Get ( RecordNumber ) instead. This did assume that you were charting individual records in the layout's found set--not always the case

                   To set up a calc that automatically adjusts for the number of records--still assuming one record per data point in current found set:

                   Let ( Interval = int ( Get ( FoundCount ) / 15 ) ; // specifies about 15 labels for x-axis
                            If ( Mod ( Get ( RecordNumber ) ; Interval ) = 0 ; X-Axis value goes here )

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