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XML import

Question asked by ZoXo on Jan 6, 2009
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XML import

Description of the issue

While attempting to import xml using xsl, filemaker displays a socket error.  If another attempt is made to import the app crashes.  This also happens when running an import script.  The script will run but I have it set to halt on errors.  If the script is attempted again, the app crashes.  This is only a problem in the Mac OS.  Windows XP and Vista do not exhibit this problem. I have tried several times to get this problem to the attention of filemaker but my questions go unanswered and the last post I made on this forum has received no response.  This is a serious problem for someone who uses the xml features extensively and would like to have the flexibility to run the scripts on a mac, as well as the mac host (advanced on a mac is being shared to windows boxes).  This problem is consistent across several versions of the mac os and on different workstations.   Please help me here, this is a shout into empty space that I'm hoping someone will get!!!