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    XML import



      XML import

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      While attempting to import xml using xsl, filemaker displays a socket error.  If another attempt is made to import the app crashes.  This also happens when running an import script.  The script will run but I have it set to halt on errors.  If the script is attempted again, the app crashes.  This is only a problem in the Mac OS.  Windows XP and Vista do not exhibit this problem. I have tried several times to get this problem to the attention of filemaker but my questions go unanswered and the last post I made on this forum has received no response.  This is a serious problem for someone who uses the xml features extensively and would like to have the flexibility to run the scripts on a mac, as well as the mac host (advanced on a mac is being shared to windows boxes).  This problem is consistent across several versions of the mac os and on different workstations.   Please help me here, this is a shout into empty space that I'm hoping someone will get!!! 

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          I second this issue. I can get the XML Import script step to crash reliably on a mac. I use both a mix of XSLT stylesheets as well as pure XML pre-formatted for FileMaker.


          I keep sending the crash reports to Apple, so I hope somewhere someone takes notice of this issue.


          Sorry to be of no real use, but at least I can verify the bug!





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            Thank you for your post.


            Sorry your previous post went unanswered.  I don't have a reason why that is.


            Yes, this problem with XML import on Macs has been reported, and our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue.  Looking at the issues database, it appears that it was NOT fixed in FileMaker Pro 10.


            When did you first report this problem?  Do you remember who you contacted?  If this happened to you, it could happen to others, and I'd like to make sure the method you used to report the problem is corrected, or at least brought to the attention of the appropriate people.


            Again, sorry for the late reply.



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              Just to be clear: you are saying that both version 9 and 10 are incapable of importing xml with xslt - correct? As ZoXo says, this is  a serious problem - I am currently investing a lot of time getting to grips with xsl in order to process a new stream of data, and it sounds like I am wasting that time.


              I still have v8 and v8.5 sitting around - did it work in those versions?



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                Yes, that is correct.  Importing a local XML file with local XSLT file will not work with Mac OS at this time.  This problem has occurred since FileMaker Pro 7, so it will not work with FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker Pro 8.5.



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                  Does it work in the PC environment in verisions 9 and 10?



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                    As the original post states, windows XP and Vista do not have this problem, even when the hosting OS is Mac and the client is MS and the XSLT files are

                    being stored on the Mac and called via a mapped network drive.

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                      Hi we have got the same problem here as well.

                      XML import from remote source fails, sometime it crashes FileMaker  at all.


                      FileMaker Version 10.v1

                      OS: MacOS 10.5.7



                      You are saying that the Development team of FileMaker is aware of this problem since version 7? That's more than 5 years - in computer terms - these are centuries. Please get this fixed immediatley. Thanks.