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XML Import containing numbers will lead to wrong numbers

Question asked by patrick.risch on Jul 9, 2009
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XML Import containing numbers will lead to wrong numbers

Description of the issue

OS: Windows XP SP3System Regional Settings: German (Dezimal Point = , Thousand separator = . ) (Default in Germany)FileMaker 10.0v2http XML Source: FileMaker Server Adv. 9.0v3 hosted on a MacOS 10.5.7 Server.  Import an XML from a FileMaker Server Advanced 9.0v3 Source will lead to wrong numbers. During the import the . will not be recognized as valid decimal separator and therefore lead to wrong numbers (100.00 becomes 10000) Steps to reproduce:1. Create a new FileMaker file on the system you are going to import (with the above regional settings).2. Choose "import" from the file menu and select XML as source to import from. Choose http. Enter an request for FileMaker WPE (e.g.*Hefe&-find)3. Choose the option to create a new table.4. All numbers will import with a . as decimal separator.  5. format a number field on the layout with anything you like (custom settings).-> The number will be with factor 100 to large. Patrick